When coming up with a new mobile site, you will go through the same planning process that you did for its desktop version. Choosing the right color scheme would be one of these steps, and a very important one at that. Deciding on the right colors to use for your mobile website is very important […]

CSS provides an easy way to target browsers on different types of devices, or different uses. For example, the design you produce for a normal desktop browser may not be suitable for a handheld device, or a printer. These are known as media types. There are several media types, and most browsers will generally concentrate […]

It is possible to create multiple columns for laying out text With CSS3 – like in newspapers! with single html tags Below are multiple column properties: » column-count » column-gap » column-rule Browser Support Internet Explorer does not yet support the multiple columns properties. Firefox requires the prefix -moz-. Chrome and Safari require the prefix […]

Here are the dimensions of the iPhone screen when running Safari. In portrait orientation the screen dimensions are 320 by 356 pixels. In landscape the dimensions change to 400 by 208 pixels. The URL field can drop down at any time, so the extra 60 pixels at the top should not be counted on when […]