A logo is the main symbol of any company or business, which helps it to give a distinctive identity among others. On seeing a logo your mind must instantly strike to which company does it belong to? For this it very much important to pay heed to the logo designing process.


It is clear that your computer cannot do the creation process for you. Creation step must be included in the logo designing process. Creating a logo directly from the computer may not result in the best logo. To get the best you need to put extra efforts and make use of paper and pencil to generate ideas. Sketching will help you to think quickly and explore the idea in the top possible way. It gives you flexibility to implement your ideas in a better way.

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When you want to transfer your sketching ideas on the computer, it can be done with the help of vector tools such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.


It is very much essential to understand the requirements of the client. Try to get the details by asking questions.


1. What are the goals of a client?
2. What is he expecting from the company?
3. How the logo should like?
4. Which keywords will best describe his company?


This will give you an insight on the whole logo designing process. The main essence of this work comes only by satisfying your customer.


Giving full attention to colour and typography is also imperative. It allows you to make a concept-driven and meaningful logo. While choosing a typeface you can taper your choices by imagining in mind how a logo should look like on its completion. If your client wants a logo for his modelling agency then you are likely to opt for thin, script or serif font. And if your customer demands a logo for monster truck rally then your typefaces will be strong and bulky, for instance, a font of bold sans serif.


It is better to have different samples of colour combination and typefaces for the logo. This will save you and your client’s time. It will help him to choose from a variety of models. By employing such methods, it not only saves time but also increases your credibility in the market as the “top-notch” company available.


After this getting all the ideas, sketching them, taking details from the clients and arriving on an agreement, you can reach to the final version of the logo. Try to make any small changes if needed and show a preview of the logo to the client before finalizing. This will help him to get an idea of how his logo will look like.


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